Sunday School Registration 2020/21

Thanks for your registration! 

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As all of you know, 2020 has presented many challenges. How to run Sunday School this year was one of those challenges. Our day school uses the classrooms during the week, so we need to keep them sanitized for Monday and there was the challenge of volunteering, as many individuals have safety concerns. In conjunction with the Board of Lay Ministry, we believe that we have a creative, exciting, and spiritually beneficial way of doing Sunday School this year. We call it “45.”


45 is short for “45 Minutes with God and Family.” In this format, individual family units, ages pk-5, will meet in the Fellowship Hall. Jr. High and Sr. High will have normal classrooms in the youth room and gym, respectively. For 45 minutes, each family will take a socially distanced table. Then, you, as parents, will spend time in God's Word with your family as God has always intended. The joy of leading your children and seeing them grow, is one of the great blessings to you and them. We understand that some parents might be nervous or feel ill-equipped. We are here to help. Pastor Dare will lead an opening. We will walk through the materials. We are happy to email the lesson to you during the week so you can prepare as much as you desire. But then you get the great opportunity to be with your kids and grow together – 45 minutes with God and Family.


So, we invite you to join us in the Fellowship Hall starting at 9:20 a.m. on September 13th, as we begin a new Sunday School year in the grace and joy of Jesus. Please sign up at


See you there,

Jacob and Mallory Chan