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Zion Lutheran Church’s youth program

is a growing ministry!

Our mission focus is based on 1 Peter 3:15 – Prepare – Answer – Hope. We take all the things that we deal with daily and work on how to handle them scripturally - so that when we are asked about the hope that is in us, we are ready to give glory and honor to Christ.

We have been blessed so greatly with a youth program that has grown. Youth are in need of fellowship, and they can find it here in a Christ centered environment.

Our doors are open, and we are excited to have you at any one of our activities, Bible studies and worship services.

Whether you are someone who knows a lot about Jesus or nothing at all, you are always welcome here and we look forward to meeting you. Here at Zion youth, we work hard at making sure you see yourself as a chosen child of Christ who has been given gifts and abilities to use to glorify Him. We have youth mentors within our group that will happily welcome and guide you if this is the first time you have ever tried a youth program out. We want this experience to excite you to learn more about Christ.

So don’t wait, take this as your invitation to come join us! Watch our Facebook page for all our upcoming events, or contact Pastor Lorenz or Steph Larson at We can’t wait to meet you!

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