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Life Team

Life Team Mission: 

Educating the Congregation and the Community on Life Issues as well as taking an active role in standing for life in the Community.

We meet @ 7 p.m. on the first Monday of the month in the Fireside Room. 

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   Helpful Resources:

  1. LCMS Life Ministry:

  2. Lutherans for Life:

  3. Word of Hope for those who have had an abortion:

  4. Students for Life -

  5. 40 Days for Life -  

  6. Stand to Reason - - Trains Christians to think more clearly about their faith and making a defense of Christian values in the public square

  7. Susan B Anthony List - Go here for pro-life candidates

  8. MCCL - Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life -   

Sermons with "Life" theme: 


Zion Life Sunday Sermon - Pastor Winter - Jan 20, 2019. 

sermon starts at 21:30


Zion Lutheran Alexandria Minnesota – The Baptism of Our Lord / 1st after the Epiphany - Pastor Wilke - January 13th 2019

sermon starts at 26:50


Social Media accounts to follow:


Instagram: liveactionorg; savethestorks; marchforlife; unplannedmovie; letthemliveorg; lilaroseofficial; studentsforlife; klassy_in_pink; choicefortwo

Twitter: @40daysforlife; @LiveAction; @AbbyJohnson; @UnplannedMovie; @ForLifers; @MattWalshBlog; @WRTL; @marjoriesba; @daviddaleiden

Making Abortion Unthinkable Seminar

Life Sunday Chili Luncheon

Life Sunday Chili Luncheon

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